In Episode 7 of the Real Pros of DC, the Pros meet with Shane McClung, a Certified Professional Home Inspector who owns A Safe Home Inspection LLC. Shane brings passion to home inspecting, because it started as his passion project! He actually started his career as a police officer and a NASA Engineer – and he brings that Engineering and Physics background to your home in a way other inspectors cant!

Shane specializes in making sure that the customer is always involved in the inspection, taking his time to not only ensure that the home is safe, but train the buyer on the ins and outs of the home. That means his inspections can be longer than standard, run of the mill inspections, however, the benefit is knowing that your home is safe and move in ready.

The Pros asked Shane for what sets him apart from other inspectors. The true difference is the time and care that he puts into every inspection – from checking dryer lines to avoid fire hazards, to ensuring that the dishwasher is set up properly – Shane knows not only what makes your home secure, but what will save you a headache moving forward.

You won’t want to miss this episode of the Real Pros of DC! Shane brings light and excitement – and endeavors to teach, not just talk about what sets him apart. For more information on A Safe Home Inspection LLC And Shane McClung, check out his website at ASafeHI.Com.