This week, the Real Pros of DC met with Jay Bussiere, owner of Zen Lense. Zen Lense is a real estate photography company that provides VIP Service to those looking to show their home in the best light before it goes up for sale.

Bussiere started Zen Lense after facing some hardship in 2013. The story of his founding this company is an amazing tale of creativity and fortitude that you won’t want to miss!

Zen Lense features a wide range of products for a home seller, including photography, video, aerial drone footage and 360-degree walkthroughs. Bussiere’s portfolio is built from his background in branding and design. He brings this same eye for professionalism in his business is what he brings to capturing real estate properties.

Photography is a science – one that is incredibly important to the success of whether or not a home will sell. Bussiere comes as an expert about the craft and gives a ton of information on how to make sure you capture everything that makes a home great. Bussiere says that it takes between 3-4 hours on site, and even more for post-production.

From whether you can film the inside of a house with a drone – to how to get the perfect lighting for your home, The Pros get Bussiere’s insight on how you can stage your property to show in the best light – and attract sellers. 

You can check out Bussiere’s portfolio, and request information to book his services on his website at